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SKIN-TOX™ Training

Learn how to treat the face and scalp with our exclusive SKIN-TOX™ Microinfusion device:

Learning Objectives:

  • Microneedling & Microinfusion

  • Mode of Action

  • Needle Depth

  • Growth Factors


  • BTXA Facial

  • Products

  • Protocols

Skin-Tox Microinfusion.png
Cosmed Hair-Tox

Suitable for face and scalp for in-clinic professional treatments and BTXA facial.

0.6mm needle length.

20 Microfine needles.


To be used in conjunction with the COSMED Growth factor Hair Serum for clients at home.

0.25mm needle length.

20 Microfine needles.



The SKIN-TOX™ Microinfusion maximises penetration of clinically approved ingredients and cell nutrients and maximises the release of growth factors associated with the positive aspects of wound healing simultaneously.

Benefits of microinfusion:

  • Micro-injury of the skin reboots cellular function

  • Normalises the keratinocytes and sebaceous glands

  • Trigger the wound healing cascade to stimulate keratinocytes and fibroblasts

  • Upregulation of woven collagen, elastin and GAGs

  • Stimulates growth factors and cytokines

  • Activates platelets

  • Promotes cross-talk between keratinocytes and melanocytes leads to better distribution of pigment

  • Increases delivery of ingredients

Skin Tox

Caroline McElroy, Newry

My skin feels amazing. It's glowing and I absolutely love the results. Definitely re-booking.

Skin Tox

Jane, Nottingham

My skin feels amazing today, I have my glow back and my skin just looks so much healthier even though it's only been a few days. 

Skin Tox

Rita, Rochdale

My skin is glowing, the treatment was painless and I saw results immediately. I'm addicted to this treatment, especially as my skin looked dry and dull.

Prerequisite: Must be trained in microneedling / collagen induction therapy - UK Mainland only

Step 1: Click the link below to purchase the online course - you will be required to login or register to access the shop

Step 2: Purchase the course

Step 3: Email proof of your microneedling certification to:

Step 4: You will be registered and emailed the link. You will have 90 days access to complete the course.

NB: Training academies/trainers or associates will not be accepted. No refunds.

SKIN-TOX: You will learn how to offer the SKIN-TOX microinfusion facial and learn about the different ingredients that can be used.

NB: You will NOT be certified/trained in toxin.

Support:  You will receive your certificate in the post with your free devices after the training course. You will also receive access to our members hub.

Offers: Training includes 10 x SKIN-TOX™ Microinfusion devices.