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Skin Rejuvenation - What Is The Goal?

In a world full of imperfection, is it delusional to strive for perfection?

What Are The Features of Healthy Skin?

Healthy skin is smooth, firm, evenly pigmented, well hydrated, and free of damage with an intact skin barrier defence system.

What Are The Benefits of Healthy Skin?

We should not underestimate the ability for healthy skin to maintain itself when provided with the correct cell nutrients. Normal cell-talk is essential for ensuring normal barrier function, hydration, plumpness, as well as even pigmentation and tensile strength.

What are the Clinical Benefits of Healthy Skin?

  • Functioning skin barrier defence

  • Optimum cell-to-cell communication

  • Healthy keratinocytes producing a denser spinosum layer

  • Stratum corneum becomes smooth, soft and compact

  • Surface texture becomes more even

  • Epidermic lipids slow evaporation of natural moisturising factor

  • Melanin is evenly dispersed

  • Skin becomes firmer and plumper with better dermal and epidermal hydration

What Can we Do to Optimise Skin Health

Regulating cell function in order to optimise skin health is key. There are two points of intervention which provide the best results:

1. Supply skin cells with the essential building blocks they require:

  • Topical serums: Cosmed Pro Retinal and Vit C Serum

2. Tell the cell what to do:

  • Growth factors

  • Cytokines

Certain growth factors are the 'language of love' for skin cells that cause maximum benefit in rejuvenation treatments.

Which Treatment?

Micro-Needling is the only rejuvenation treatment that maximizes penetration of medically approved or autologous essential nutrients, and maximises release of growth factors associated with the positive aspects of wound healing simultaneously.

Meso Cocktail

Hikari Labs offer a specific meso cocktail called Growth-F, this powerful products contains a complex of growth factors to regenerate and renew the skin, accelerate healing and preserves the skin's volume. EGF, IGF, bFGF. Specifically designed to use in conjunction with micro-needling.

Optimal Results

By combining i-PRF with micro-needling, the activation of platelets and slow release of growth factors offers a superior treatment.


Cosmo Pro offer training courses on the following: micro-needling with meso cocktails, and i-PRF including micro-needling.

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