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Anaphylaxis for Healthcare Professionals

£95.00 +vat

E-learning course is the easiest way to learn about anaphylaxis, the risks of severe allergies and how to manage them.

  • Type of course: Online e-learning

  • Time to complete: Approx 4 hours

  • Designed for: Healthcare and aesthetic practitioners

  • Licence duration: 12 months

  • Course qualification: RCN Certificate on completion


  1. How to recognise the symptoms of a severe allergic reaction

  2. How to avoid allergen exposure

  3. How to use all currently licensed adrenaline injectors, including EpiPen, Emerade and Jext

  4. How to respond effectively in an emergency

COSMED Chemical Peel Product Training

£49.00 +vat

This online course will provide in depth knowledge and instructions on how to use the Cosmed Peel range.

The 3 x professional peels contain unique formulas to target multiple indications:

REGEN - 50% Pyruvic, 10% Lactic, 2% Salicylic, 0.6% Retinaldehyde, Glutathione

RESTORE - 40% Mandelic, 10% Lactic, 2% Salicylic, 0.6% Retinaldehyde, Glutathione, Ascorbic acid

DERMA - 40% Lactic, 10% Phytic, 10% Kojic, Glutathione

Please note, this course is strictly for practitioners who are already chemical peel trained but simply require Cosmed Peel product familiarisation.

Protocols are available to download and access to marketing and support material will be provided.

Upon successful completion, your certificate will be available to download.

Hikari Meso Cocktail Product Training

£49.00 +vat

Comprehensive online course covering:

  • Product formulas

  • Protocols

  • Best practice

  • Application

  • Demo video

  • Downloads

  • Test

  • Certificate

A simple to follow interactive course covering the Hikari Meso Cocktail ingredients and protocols.


Hikari have created 9 innovative cocktails to combine with micro-needling and topical application.

This online course is available to learn how to introduce these innovative products into your aesthetic practice to create a unique treatment formula.

Level 4 Advanced Skin Science

Normal price: £275.00+vat

Offer price: £150.00+vat

This course is essential for anyone who wants to improve their knowledge and understanding of the skin. An interactive study of the anatomy & physiology of the skin & blood relative to the professional Skin Care & Aesthetic Practitioner. The course consists of:


1. Skin Structure & Function

2. Skin Immunology

3. Extracellular Matrix

4. Blood Pathology

5. Wound Healing

6. Growth Factors & Cytokines

This course is part of the pre-learning for several of our practical training days to develop expertise in skin science and the delivery of advanced skin rejuvenation.

CPD accredited with downloadable certificate upon completion.

80% pass mark.​