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Cosmo Pro


Derma Pro

Cordless Microneedling system with innovative features.

Medical Device Tubes

Vacutainers for i-PRF, PRP and Plasma Filler.

Cosmo Plasma

Cosmo Plasma 

Plasma soft surgery utilising German technology.

Derma Pro V2.png

Derma Pro V2

Wired microneedling system with pause option and 22 needle depths.


Plasma Filler Incubator

Heating & cooling system to prepare autologous Plasma Filler.

Plasma Shower.jpg

Plasma Shower

Cold atmospheric plasma (CAP) and ultrasonic technology.

Smart Cell System Centrifuge.png

Clinical Centrifuge

Smart Cell digital clinical centrifuge for autologous treatments.

Diox Carboxy

DIOX Carboxytherapy

CO2 system with 6 pre-set programs for skin, hair and intimate rejuvenation.

HF Facial

High Frequency

HF system with 4 applicators to treat face, body and scalp.