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Emergency Care & Aesthetic Complications

Our hands-on Emergency Care & Aesthetic Complications is a multi-disciplinary course designed for those who are looking to broaden their experience to recognise and deal with aesthetic related complications and perform emergency care.

This bespoke course is taught by our Advanced Clinical Practitioner (Emergency Medicine) tutor who will teach both new and experienced aesthetic practitioners the skills to recognise, manage and prevent aesthetic complications. The course covers immediate, early and late-onset complications with key management protocols for each, with the core principle of patient safety.

Furthermore, we will cover the most up to date resuscitation protocols and how to deal with anaphylactic shock - invaluable for EVERYONE!


Learning Objectives

1. Statistics

> Treatment related complaints

> Complication facts and figures

> Emergency cases

2. Filler related complications

> Pain, redness, swelling

> Migration

> Vascular occlusion

> Blindness

> Impending necrosis

> Infection

> Emergency hyaluronidase

3. Emergency care

> Resuscitation

> Automatic external defibrillation


> Faints

> Asthma

> Stoke

> Heart attack

4. Practical

> Emergency resuscitation simulation

> Pre-hospital emergency care

> Anaphylactic reaction to Hyalase or dermal fillers

Tutor: Advanced Clinical Practitioner in Emergency Medicine

Price: £495.00 +vat

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